WUFI Passive Training

Learn the next-generation passive energy modeling tool!

Note: The course fee includes an eight-week license for WUFI Passive. Students who wish to purchase a license (before or following the class) may do so directly from Fraunhofer’s Web site.

WUFI Passive combines passive building energy modeling with WUFI’s famed hygrothermal analysis power. It offers the ability to switch between static modeling and dynamic modeling for a project. And It toggles seamlessly from metric to inch-pound units, with no cumbersome workarounds.

The result: A powerful new user-friendly software tool that is uniquely suited to the North American market.

  1. Why a new tool was needed for North American climates

  2. How to use WUFI Passive to design passive buildings

  3. How to use WUFI Passive’s powerful hygrothermal modeling power to prevent moisture issues and optimize for cooling/dehumidification conditions

  4. Switching between static and dynamic modeling

  5. Use Google Sketch-up with WUFI Passive

  6. Use WUFI Passive to generate an array of useful outputs, including those required for PHIUS+ Certification

  7. Features and modeling capacities planned for the near future

Passive design methodology has gained recognition as the best route to Net Zero and Net Plus buildings, because it dials in conservation first, minimizing the load for renewables.

But passive house standards and methods--developed in and for the Central European climate--present challenges in North America, where cooling and dehumidification are common requirements.

To meet that challenge PHIUS, Fraunhofer Institute for Building Physics and Owens Corning teamed together to develop an all-in-one modeling tool: WUFI Passive.

WUFI Passive dramatically improves the quality and efficiency of the design process for North American passive house professionals.


The program assumes a student has taken the PHIUS CPHC® training program. Those who have not taken the program need to submit evidence of their knowledge of passive house principles and the use of modeling software.

If you have not taken the PHIUS CPHC training and wish to attend the WUFI Passive Workshop, please send a summary of your qualification in an e-mail to training@passivehouse.us 

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Standard: $500

PHAUS Professional Members: $450

  1. 2 full days of instruction

  2. 8-week WUFI Passive license included

  3. Windows or Mac with virtual PC required

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