WUFI Passive Training!

  1. PHIUS will conduct the first-ever WUFI Passive training program in New York City at Parsons College January 23-25.

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  3. Read the Fraunhofer IBP announcement of WUFI Passive

WUFI hygrothermal analysis software has become an indispensable tool
for designing passive buildings for many North American climate zaones that require cooling and dehumidification.

WUFI was developed by the Fraunhofer institute for Building Physics, which is part of the prestigious Fraunhofer Institute. The Fraunhofer Institute is the largest organization for applied research in Europe, and operates satellites around the world, including an office at MIT, which hosted last spring's PHIUS CPHC training. Fraunhofer IBP developed WUFI and for some time has offered a free version of WUFI in partnership with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. (This, in addition to the WUFI Pro commercial version). 


For the past year, Fraunhofer IBP and PHIUS have collaborated on a new version of WUFI that combines passive energy modeling and balancing capabilities with WUFI's hygrothermal analysis power and its user-friendly interface. It's a tremendously exciting development that brings the capabilities of a world leader in energy research and commerical software development to the heart of the passive house community.  

Beginning in 2013, PHIUS CPHC training will include WUFI Passive, and PHIUS will offer intensive WUFI Passive workshops for design professionals. If you’re interested in the inaugural training in NYC, please sign up below:


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