PHIUS Builders Training

Course Highlights

  1. Learn General Passive House Principles

  2. Classroom and field focus on envelope issues

  3. HVAC considerations and testing

  4. Cost optimization/bidding

  5. QA/QC process

PHIUS is seeking experienced construction professionals who want to learn how to plan, manage and execute construction of buildings designed to meet the Passive House building energy standard.

The program, the first to be offered in the United States, comprises three phases. Upon completion of all three phases, trainees who a successfully complete a certified project under the PHIUS+ program earn status as a Certified Passive House Pro Builder.

Builders who have previously completed the CPHC 9-day training course and who successfully certify a project under the PHIUS+ program, may also obtain the the professional designation PHproB.

Check back for dates, fees, and other information.

Admission Requirements:

Application does not guarantee certification. Certified Passive House Consultants are eligible to become PHIUS+ raters, but once qualified, cannot rate their own projects. 

To apply, send an e-mail to and include the following:

  1. CV on you and your company’s construction experience

  2. Current certifications, status and standing pertaining to high-performance construction

  3. Three references

If you have questions after reviewing these materials, email us at:

Join the inaugural builder’s class!

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